Tuesday, July 24, 2007,12:24 PM
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posted by Rauf
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  • Sunday, July 29, 2007, Blogger Ruth

    What is she going to do, rauf?

    I learned to squat like this in Turkey. It's very comfortable. But it is better in clothes like hers than in pants or short skirts. I had the big baggy pants they were in Turkish villages, and those were the most comfortable clothes I ever wore.

  • Monday, July 30, 2007, Blogger Rauf

    She was just sitting there RUTH, Men and women sit like that in rural India. Most of the work is on ground level. They get to sit on a chair only when they go to a movie theatre. They have to go to a city or a town for that. The movies go to the villages. It is simply called a 'Tent' Thatched roof or a tent with a projector and screen. The villagers buy the ticket which is still 2 rupees (ten rupees is 25 cents) And they sit in the same style and watch the movies. i have watched once, the movie had no head or tail, but the villagers enjoyed it. i suspect the projector operator mixed up the film reels. i realised it when a man who died in the beginning came alive after half an hour, this was no miracle but simply mixing up of the film reels.

  • Monday, July 30, 2007, Blogger Ruth


  • Friday, September 07, 2007, Blogger Sonia

    What a wonderful photo! Love the expressive face and the colors!